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To Krakow Airport- we are rediscovering Krakow!

Student life is probably the best period in everyone’s life. Well, maybe I will not speak for everyone, but from my perspective, it is for sure! 🙂 My university organized a great trip to Krakow with JTP.Group. A pleasant flight to Balice, fast and comfortable transport from the airport, and that’s how the whole group of 15 of us found ourselves in the city of students. You can read more about our carrier here:

Krakow from another side

On the one hand, we did not want to run away from what is best in Krakow, what this wonderful city is famous for, what attracts tourists from all over the world like a magnet – the centuries-old heritage, culture, museum collections – but on the other hand – temporary exhibitions, organized urban games and workshops. We want to organize a project promoting this city for other students from abroad.

Our trip

The organizers of our trip succeeded very well in showing us this place from many perspectives. First of all, we discovered Krakow as a great destination for active recreation, secondly, we were delighted with the hospitality, attentiveness and involvement of the people who hosted us at the accommodation facilities. All of this reinforces our belief that service providers in Krakow do not want to be just contractors but mainly partners who feel the needs of the customer and what is more, when competing they cooperate with each other. This shows that the city is open for business proposals and richly develops its potential in this direction.

With initiative to other students

We can say that we enjoyed everything and we already have ready ideas on how to combine popular attractions and which ones to choose for different target groups from Poland and abroad. However, our target is mainly foreign students. On the one hand, the action is to encourage integration, broadening of culture and horizons, and on the other, to support the economy. Especially that the city has a super developed network of air connections from the John Paul II International Airport.

City space

We were very impressed by the many event spaces, both modern and historical, as well as by the wonderful museum collections and collections from all over the world presented there. Krakow is a city with long traditions, dignified, but also active in the developing world. It is full of legends, events and places around which you can build an interesting city game, attend a concert, meet people from all over the world and of all ages. Modern hotel base, plenty of restaurants and catering outlets, bicycle paths and walks, good railroad and road connections make Krakow a truly ideal destination for all generations.

For wine lovers

The Srebrna Góra vineyard, located just 11 km from Krakow, made a big impression on me and the whole group. We covered this distance on bicycles rented in the city center, accompanied by a great guide, beautiful Vistula landscapes and GPS help 🙂

Krakow- a city for young businessmen

Since 2015, three complementary venues have been operating in Krakow: ICE Krakow, EXPO Krakow and TAURON Arena Krakow. They are well known as congress, trade fair or entertainment venues. However, we tried to get to know their other dimension as a space ideal for organizing creative business meetings, in order to gain knowledge useful for young people after graduation. In our opinion, the team of the ICE Krakow Congress Centre deserves special recognition as they prepared a number of non-standard attractions for the entire group: a bike rally in the parking lot, a premiere ascent from the hidden, underground S5 Hall, we also went straight to the stage of one of the best concert halls in Poland – the Krzysztof Penderecki Auditorium Hall. There, everyone could shine their vocal with a great time during karaoke, which allowed us to feel like the biggest stars on stage. We quickly got into the convention and after a few sung songs we were invited for a professional photo session. Next on the agenda was an intimate cello concert with a view of Wawel Castle.


Nice gestures

After returning to the hotel, all participants of our trip were waiting for promotional packages and small gifts, which were prepared by the congress center team in the spirit of zero waste from the materials left after the events organized in this facility! It is impossible to convey all the emotions that accompanied us, every day we experienced new impressions during activities and meetings with people full of passion, commitment and indescribable hospitality.

We regretted to leave this city

Stories, legends, local flavors of Krakow. The Lady with an Ermine, a vineyard, a balloon flight, crispy bagels, countless atmospheric restaurants and cafes, relaxation on the Vistula River, the Congress Centre with a view of Wawel, the Market Hall and the largest sports arena in Poland – Tauron Arena. So many impressions for one trip. We will not forget it till the end of our lives! If you also want to feel this atmosphere, we encourage you to take part in organized trips:

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