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Probably if you arrived here, you probably looked for people who always want more. Who travel, who like adventures. And this is how my life looks like. Always going somewhere, always doing something. That’s why I decided to call my website ,,My ADHD site”. Because I’m always going somewhere and can’t stand staying in one place for a long time.

Probably you can guess that I also love sports. This is how I can loose too much energy I have. I’m diving and skiing instructor. I will share my ideas where to go, what to do, basing on my travel experiences. I know that it’s different to arrive somewhere for one weekend, comparing to living there for a few months or even years. I’m not really a fan of capitals and top tourist attractions. My attractions are usually located near the mountains, seas, rocks, villages and lovely countrysides.

Travel, work and enjoy the life

Travel to coral reef and diving with the fish

Travel and work- I try my best to enjoy life.

By now, I have been i almost all European countries. I lived in some of them including: Spain, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Cyprus and Greece.

I love meeting new people, trying regional cuisine, entering valuable museums ( yes, yes, I’m not an ignorant, I like art and history) and having fun! I believe you will find something interesting in every country. When I hear people saying ,, <any country>? Why would you go there, there is nothing interesting” I know there is no point talking to you anymore. I hope I will be an inspiration for my readers. I leave a song which is my companion when i travel:

We’re gonna break the night

And we’ll see with new eyes

When we trip the light

Remember we’re lost together

Remember we’re the same

We hold the burning rhythm in our hearts

We hold the flame

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