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Where to dive in Europe?

Diver and a seal in the Arctic

Tell me it’s not worth to travel and admire wildlife!

During the summer I usually teach people how to dive. I also travel on my own to the destinations I desire. I would love to advise you the places I have been. Both working and teaching how to dive and just as a ,,tourist”, for a short period of time. Let’s start with the West of Europe.

Dive and sunbathe

Firstly: Portugal. Or rather Portuguese islands Azores. It’s a beautiful place where you can experience whale watching, bird watching, natural thermal waters, hiking, or  climb volcano Pico… I also entered underground  archaeological museum about lava and volcano which was really interesting. The cost of one diving is around 40 euros. I worked there and I would love to come back again. Landscapes are amazing and food is healthy and tasty. Not mentioning the weather, always warm, always sunny.

Dive in Atlantic water where colorful plants grow.

Underwater colorful plants which you can admire when you dive.

Secondly: Spain. I decided to check the eastern coast of Spain. I choose a few places instead of one, because they offer a bit different attractions. It’s not just about to find a place to dive, but to see some rare species of animals, plants, some old shipwrecks. I decided to try:

  •   volcanic  Canary Islands archipelago and it’s turtles,
  • Columbretes with lobsters, red coral and marine birds
  • The Balearic Islands famous from marine reserves including seahorses
  •  Cabo de Palos  where one may discover a number of wrecks

Dive in cold arctic water and you won’t regret

Encounter with a smiling dolphin in the Arctic waters

Whale- riding. Encounter with a smiling giant of the Arctic deep

Another idea are cold waters in Iceland and Norway. Probably you will think that’s it’s better to dive in warm waters in hot climate, not to get sick and see coral reefs. Believe me, all the climates have it’s advantages.  In Norway you will see strongest tidal current in the world and see wrecks from World War II.

In Iceland you will dive between the North American and Eurasiancontinents, in pure glacier water. Scuba diving within the Arctic Circle had also it’s own charms.  Arctic fauna and flora will amaze everyone, who will open on this icy beauty. The prices in Norway are around 50 euros, in Iceland- 70 euros.